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Urgent Care? Or Emergency Room?

Most folks don’t look forward to unexpected illnesses or injuries. When they do happen, it seems like its always at the worst time. So what should you do if that illness or injury requires medical attention? Some health issues just can’t wait until the doctor can squeeze you in. And the emergency room can be a costly and time-consuming proposition.

What is urgent care? And why should you consider heading to an urgent care nearby instead of the emergency room?

60% of ER visits could be better served in an urgent care setting, according to a number of national studies. And most ER visits can be as long as 4 hours. Most urgent care centers these days offer convenient, high-quality care close to home, errands or work. And many are open early or late on weekdays with weekend hours as well. Many urgent care locations are also more inviting, offering comfortable amenities that make that unexpected visit less stressful. But you probably won’t have to wait long to see a provider. Many urgent care visits last an our or less.

Of course, for life-threatening illnesses or injuries your nearest emergency room is the best place for care. If you are at risk of losing your life, or a limb, call 911 right away.

Check out this helpful infographic to compare the difference between urgent care and the ER. Now that you understand what urgent care is, you can make the right choice when you need it.