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Scariest Halloween Candy for Dental Health

The leaves are turning, pumpkins abound and everyone is preoccupied with their costumes; Ah, Halloween has arrived. But there is something even more sinister than witches and ghouls lurking in the shadows come October 31st – tooth decay. Halloween is the number one holiday for candy consumption in the United States. Last year, Americans spent …
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Best Way to Fight the Flu? Get a Flu Shot!

Do you know which of the following statements about the flu are correct? Up to 20% of people will get it this season. Thousands of Americans die each year from the flu or flu-related complications. The best way to prevent influenza is with an annual flu shot. It is a bit of a trick question, but …
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Five Common Hydration Myths Debunked

Summer is here and the mercury is rising. The warmer weather means more time outside for barbecues, park hopping and hitting the beach. However, it also means an added risk of overexposure to the sun as well as dehydration. Since our bodies are made up of around 60% water, keeping you and your family well …
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Guide to Getting and Staying Active

New, eager people often flock to the gym on January 1st to begin their New Year’s fitness resolutions. While it’s no secret that physical activity is a key component in life-long health and wellbeing, there is so much information circulating online and on social media that it is often difficult to separate fact from fiction …
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