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How to Prevent Cheerleading Injuries

A peppy combination of gymnastics and dancing, cheerleading is an acrobatic and intense sport; in fact, it has one of the highest injury rates in sports. All those high tosses, stunts, and flips can cause a range of knee, ankle, wrist, and head injuries. As with any sport, some bumps and bruises are unavoidable; however, …
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Ice or Heat? What to Use When

Dance-off gone wrong? Injured in a ninja fight? Now that you have a twisted ankle, the important question is – should I apply ice or heat to it? It’s possible that making the wrong choice can make your injury worse. Use the guide to clarify what to use and when. A good rule to follow …
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West Nile Poses Higher Risk in the US Than Zika

The concern and increased media attention on Zika virus is important, however the disease is still quite rare in the U.S. compared to other mosquito borne illnesses like West Nile Virus. Cases of West Nile Virus have been reported across the country in the last several years and poses a greater risk for older adults …
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